March 10th: Colliding Worlds

This webinar will provide an overview of the complex issues of incarceration and addiction treatment. It will address the role of first responders in facilitating treatment for addiction and alcohol abuse, as well as the differences between treatment versus incarceration. Additionally, addiction is a brain malady and not a behavioral problem that discusses brain chemistry, neurobiology, and social environment needs. This webinar will provide valuable insight into this important issue for those that attend.

March 24th: The Neurobiology of Use, Misuse and Addiction

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to: Understand at least 3 neurotransmitters in the brain and how they relate to addiction, mood and anxiety. Be able to describe the areas of the brain involved in reward, happiness and memory. Describe medication interventions that can contribute to opioid use disorder and how they work. Discussion—what is a Medical Hospital System to Do?

March 28th: Coaching the Whole Veteran

The presentation will begin with a general overview of what coaching is & isn't. Then we will discuss how coaching can support the whole person, (veteran). We will discuss how using coaches will help to fill in some of the gaps in services provided by the VA. We will round out the discussion with how a veteran can apply coaching to create the life of fulfillment and satisfaction.

April 5th: Perfectly Hidden Addiction

Statistics show us the frightening reality that reports of destructive perfectionism, depression, suicide (or suicidal thoughts), and alcohol use/abuse are rising exponentially. How might they be interwoven? And what new approaches, concepts, and techniques can mental health clinicians use to effectively treat these clients who fear vulnerability and loss of control. Dr. Margaret Rutherford, author of Perfectly Hidden Depression, will lead this timely discussion.

Community Education Series

Our Community Education Series is hosted by The Recovery Village every Wednesday from 2 PM - 3 PM EST for the general public. This online educational series aims to help our community take better care of themselves with topics ranging from mindful living, coping with loss and grief, managing anxiety, and so much more! Our webinars contain valuable insight on addiction and mental health topics which we hope you will share with colleagues, patients, family and friends.

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